MIT Sloan BioInnovations 2014

Precision Medicine & the Impact of Innovation on Targeted Care

Friday, Feb. 28 | For 2015 conference, click here

Boston Marriott Cambridge

Poster Session

Congratulations to the poster winners!

1. Ken Nesmith and Diana Mackinnon: Using Mobile Phones to Imporve Diet, Exercise, and Patient-Doctor Communication
2.Steven Castleberry: Self-Assembled Wound Dressings Sustain Knockdown of MMP-9 and Improve Diabetic
3. Jonathan Kotula: Programmable Bacteria as Diagnostics of Digestive Health

The 2014 BioInnovations Poster Spotlight showcases some of the most cutting edge research and startups in the Healthcare and Life Science space. Each presenter will be entitled to a complimentary ticket to attend the conference.

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