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The SMAAC has a pool of dedicated students who work closely with the management committee to form an importat communication channel for the student population. They are crucial in assisting the foreign students to settle down in Singapore before the academic year begins as well as providing them with a link to the alumni.

The activities that were organised in the past year included the Amazing Race at Sentosa Island and the SMA Innovation Seminar. Upcoming activities include the Annual General Meeting and Annual Bowling Competition.

Student Committees

Activities and events organised by the Student Committees in the
past year included:
3 internal Soccer Competitions
1 external Soccer Competition (Global   Association for Culture & Peace soccer   league)
Mid-Autumn Celebration



variety    of social and sporting activities. Such events include soccer competitions and celebrations of certain special    holidays. This is done with the intention of providing more opportunities for interaction and to allow students and    SMA Fellows to forge closer relationships with each other.

Despite the numerous assignments and lectures, students still find the time and effort to join in the activities. This    reinforces their beliefs that personal and academic growth are twin qualities crucial to developing well-rounded and    dynamic individuals.

In SMA, we place equal emphasis on the acquisition of academic knowledge as we do on social and personal growth. The students are given the resources and encouraged to form Student Committees which organise a
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The SMA Alumni Club (SMAAC) was officially registered on 16 October 2000. It was initiated by the first batch of graduates with the aim of forming and sustaining a strong and active network amongst the SMA students, graduates and professors. The management committee comprises elected Alumni members who represent the different programmes. After four graduating batches, the SMAAC has more than 20 Ordinary Members and over 40 current students as Associate Members. This year, SMAAC received an encouraging response for its newly-introduced life membership scheme.

As the SMAAC is made up of members from numerous cultures and nationalities, great care is taken to welcome them and provide opportunities for these members to interact with each other. Social and professional activities are thus organised by SMAAC to provide the SMA students, graduates and professors with a platform to interact leisurely and professionally on all levels, such as on work-related issues, career development or enhancing professional engineering skills.



“SMAAC has helped to widen my network by linking me to a pool of alumni who can offer advice on issues such as coursework and job-hunting. As alumni, we share our experiences at SMA and are united by the common goal of helping students and alumni of SMA stay close together through the activities that are organised.”
Helen Chuwardi, HPCES, S.M. Graduate
“SMAAC offers the opportunity for us to come back together again and exchange our thoughts and ideas about our experiences in the working world. In the fast-paced evolving global economy, it pays to take note of the changes occurring around us and the Club has the potential to generate such a forum.”
Mun Meng Wai, AMM&NS, S.M. Graduate
“Through SMAAC, I hope to be a link to connect South Korea and Singapore by encouraging interaction between MIT, Korea Advanced Institiute of Science and Technology and SMA graduates.”
Lee Jung Hoon, HPCES, S.M. Graduate
“Being a member of SMAAC allows me to remain in contact with SMA and my peers through the enjoyable events and outings organised by the Club.”
Koo Kah Mun, HPCES, S.M. Graduate
“One of the SMAAC’s objectives is to enable the alumni to keep in touch with one another. From being active in the Club, I have not only managed to keep in contact with those in my year of study but have also gotten to know my juniors.”
Shidrati Ali, HPCES, Ph.D. Graduate

“The Amazing Race” at Sentosa Island

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