Professor Peter So's Laboratory
BEAM group (Bioinstrumentation Engineering And Microanalysis)

Current Research in Biological Optical Microscopy

Current Funding Support

1. NSF DBI-9987122 (PI) 9/15/2000-9/14/2003

"Standing Wave Total Internal Reflection Microscopy - in vivo biological imaging at the nanometer scale"
The goal of this project is to develop an optical imaging technique that can image biological systems with resolution better than 50 nm.

2. NIH/NCI R21/R33 CA84740-01 (co-PI) 9/15/2000-9/14/2004

"Fluorescence Detection of Genetic Instability in Mice"

The goal of this project is to develop a methodology to study cancinogenesis resulting from recombination events inside in vivo tissues.

3. NIH/HLBI P01 HL64858-01A1 (co-PI) 9/28/2001-9/17/2006

"Mechanotransduction in Cardiovascular Cells"

The goal of this project is to understand mechanotransduction processes in cardiovascular cells.

4. NIH/NCI R33 CA091354-01A1 (PI) 5/1/2002-4/30/2005

"Two-Photon Optical Biopsy Probe"
The goal of this project is to develop a hand-held two-photon microscopic biopsy probe for a minimally invasive detection of cancer.


Past and Current Student Degree Theses

Doctoral Theses

Hayden Huang, "A Measurement of Smooth Muscle Cells' Gene Activation Under Precision Controlled Mechanical Stress and Strain", 2001

Tae-Woong Koo, "Measurement of Analytes Through Turbid Media by Raman Spectroscopy", 2001

Ki Hean Kim, "Two-Photon Video Rate Microscopy for Non-invasive Biopsy" (current)

Lily Hsu, "New Microscopy Techniques for Tissue Engineering - Functional Diagnostic and Substrate Lithographic Modification" (current)

Hyuk Sang Kwon, "Two-Photon Single Particle Tracking - A Study of Intracellular Transport Processes" (current)

Euiheon Chung, "Super-Diffraction Limited Imaging Using Standing Wave Total Internal Reflection Microscopy" (current)

Maxine Jonas, "High Bandwidth, High Specificity Microrheometry" (current)

Master's Theses

Tuck Meng Lui, "Wavelet-Based Multi-Resolution Techniques for Two Dimensional Data Analysis", 1999 (Dept. of Civil Engineering)

George Cragg, "Ultra-High Resolution Optical Imaging by Standing Wave Total Internal Reflection Microscopy", 2000

Costas M. Pitsillides, "Selective Cell Targeting with Light-Absorbing Particles", 2000

Bachelor's Theses

Lawrence Chow, "A Monte Carlo Study of Two-Photon Point Spread Function in Turbid Medium", 1997

Alankar Chhabra, "Man-Portable, Rocket-Propelled Surveillance Vehicle", 1998

Eric A. Bevin, "Two-Color Imaging to Determine Two-Photon Microscopy Point Spread Function in Turbid Media", 1999

Bill J. Simmons, "Identification of Non-inhibiting Stains for Lambda Exonuclease Digestion of Lambda DNA", 1999

William H. III Stadtlander, "Improving Two-Photon Tissue Imaging Resolution Based on Maximum Likelihood Blind Deconvolution", 1999

Adam E. Weintraub, "Redesign of Anchoring and Location Mechanism of the Coaxial Breast Biopsy System", 1999

Sneha Madhavan, "A Magnetic DNA Twisting Device", 2000

Seth O. Newburg, "A Feasibility Study of Lambda-Exonuclease Step Size Measurement at the Angstrom Sacle", 2000

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