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Illustrated Pure Land Scriptures

The Land of Bliss

Larger Sutra with illustrations from the Larger Sutra Mandala

(1-2) Preface and bodhisattvas' virtues; (3-5) the Buddha's manifestation of glorious features, fifty-three past Buddhas, Lokeshvararaja's appearance in the world, Dharmakara's renunciation of the world, and the Hymn in Praise of the Buddha; (6-7) Dharmakara's Forty-eight Vows; (8-9) the Hymn Confirming the Vow and Dharmara's bodhisattva practice; (10-12) Amida's attainment of Buddhahood, his Infinite Light and Infinite Life; (13-15) the first assembly, jeweled trees, and the Bodhi-tree; (16-17) adornments of the palace-buildings, jewel ponds, and food; (18-21); physical glory of the inhabitants, wonderful adornments of the land, and glorious display of light; (22-25) fulfillment of the 11th, 17th and 18th vows and three grades of aspirants; (26-27) bodhisattvas' visit to the Pure Land from the eastern quarters; (28-30) bodhisattvas' light, especially that of Avalokiteshvara and Mahasthamaprapta, Amida's preaching of the Dharma, and bodhisattvas' virtues; (31-33) admonition against three kinds of evil acts; (34-40) admonition against five great evils; (41-48) Amida and his land seen by the audience, two kinds of birth in the Pure Land and their causes, embryonic birth compared to a jailed prince, visit to the Pure Land from 14 Buddha-lands, the sutra to remain longer in the world, and benefits gained by the audience.

Contemplation Sutra with illustrations from the Taima Mandala

(1-4) Preface, imprisonment of King Bimbisara and Queen Vaidehi, and Shakyamuni's appearance before Vaidehi; (5-8) Vaidehi wished to be born in the Pure Land and the Buddha taught how one can be born there; (9-15) contemplation of the setting sun, water, ground, trees, ponds, various objects, and the lotus throne; (16-21) contemplation of the image of Amida, Amida himself, Avalokiteshvara (Kannon), Mahasthamaprapta (Seishi), the aspirants themselves, and Amida and the two bodhisattvas; (22-24) aspirants of the three levels of the highest grade; (25-27) aspirants of the three levels of the middle grade; (28-30) aspirants of the three levels of the lowest grade; (31-33) benefits gained by the audience, names of this sutra, and epilog.

Amida Sutra with illustrations from the Amida Sutra Mandala

 (1) Preface; (2) the Land of Utmost Bliss and Amida Buddha; (3) splendid adornments of the Land; (4-5) immeasurable light and life of Amida and those born in the land meeting holy sages; (6-8) praise of Amida by Buddhas of the eastern, southern and western quarters; (9-11) praise of Amida by Buddhas of the northern quarter, nadir and zenith; (12-14) praise of Shakyamuni by other Buddhas and the end of the sutra.

Illustrated Biography of Shinran Shinran Shonin Denne by Kakunyo

Index and Introduction; Scroll 1; Scroll 2; Scroll 3; Scroll 4;
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