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Center for Transportation & Logistics
Sloan School of Management
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Funded Researchers

The ISCM Program has funded a variety of faculty and researchers at MIT since its inception including (but not limited to):

  Professor Charles H. Fine
Sloan School of Management E-Mail: charley@mit.edu
  Professor Steve Graves
Sloan School of Management E-Mail: sgraves@mit.edu
  Dr. Edgar Blanco
Center for Transportation and Logistics E-Mail: eblanco@mit.edu
  Dr. James Hines
Sloan School System Dynamics Group E-Mail: jhines@mit.edu
  Professor Hiroshi Ishii
Media Lab - Tangible Media Group E-Mail: ishii@media.mit.edu
  Dean Tom Magnanti
School of Engineering E-Mail: magnanti@mit.edu
  Professor Larry Lapide
Center for Transportation and Logistics E-Mail: lapide@mit.edu
  Professor Thomas W. Malone
Center for Collective Intelligence, Center for Coordination Science E-Mail: malone@mit.edu
  James B. Rice, Jr.
Center for Transportation and Logistics, Integrated Supply Chain Management (ISCM) E-Mail: jrice@mit.edu
  Dr. Donald Rosenfield
Leaders For Manufacturing E-Mail: donrose@mit.edu
  Professor Yossi Sheffi
Engineering Systems Division, Center for Transportation and Logistics E-Mail: sheffi@mit.edu



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