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MIT 1990-2004: The Vest Years
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year 2002

Ann Graybiel ’71, professor of neuroscience, awarded National Medal of Science

Ann Graybiel

Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies established; it will integrate responsive armor, medical monitoring and communications in soldier uniforms

The Aga Khan, MIT and Harvard jointly establish Archnet, a pioneering electronic architectural archive

Reports of the Committees on the Status of Women Faculty completed for all Schools at MIT

Robert Langer, professor of chemical and biomedical engineering, wins
the Charles Stark Draper Prize, “engineering's Nobel,” for inventing medical drug delivery

OpenCourseWare is launched, providing free internet access to MIT course materials.
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MIT faculty panel reaffirms principle that no classified research be conducted on campus; urges off-campus sites be used

Robert HorvitzRobert Horvitz, professor of biology, shares Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine for studies of programmed cell death

Designed by Steven Holl, Simmons Hall opens doors

Simmons Hall

MIT Libraries launch DSpace