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MIT 1990-2004: The Vest Years
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year 1995

Janice Voss ’87, other US astronauts arrive on MirJanice Voss

NASA’s first X-ray astronomy probe since 1980 carries instrument designed by MIT Center for Space Research

“City of Bits,” first book to be published simultaneously in print and electronic form, by dean of architecture, William J. Mitchell and MIT Press

Defense-related research by professors of electrical engineering and computer science Eric Grimson and Tomas Lozano-Perez gives doctors X-ray vision

Marcia K. McNutt, professor of marine geophysics, and Lynda Jordan ’85 featured in PBS series, “Discovering Women”

Manta, solar-powered car built by MIT’s Solar Electric Vehicle Team, wins Sunrayce 95, 1,100-mile course from Indiana to Colorado

Manta, solar powered car

Nobel prize in chemistry shared by Professor Mario Molina of earth, atmospheric and planetary sciences and of chemistry, for discovering the depletion of the ozone layer

Mario Molina

Alliance for Global Sustainability established with University of Tokyo and Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology