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Course Related Policies

Eligibility and Prerequisites. All courses listed here are open to members of the MIT community. Certain courses may have additional eligibility criteria, based on content, authorizations (as for SAP), or prerequisite knowledge. This knowledge is your responsibility. If you are unsure of your readiness for a particular course, use a needs assessment tool (e.g., Information Service & Technology, Environment, Health and Safety offer these) or contact the group providing the training to inquire about eligibility.

Release Time. Managers are encouraged to promote the professional development of their employees by recommending enrollment in training courses. Time away from the regular work location during working hours may be given (with pay) for attendance in these training programs.

Enrollment Priorities & Class Size. Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis. Class size is limited and depends on room capacity and course design.

Waiting Lists. If a course is full when you apply, you can submit a request to be put on the waiting list for that section of the course. If you remain on the course wait list and do not get a spot in that section of the course, your name will automatically go on a prebook list. All of the people on a prebook list will be contacted when the next session of that course is scheduled, and you will have the choice at that time to register for the upcoming section of the course.

Cancellations. If you must cancel your registration in a course, please do so as early as possible so the next person on the waiting list can take your place in the course. If you do not cancel your registration, your attendance will be recorded as a "no-show," and in some cases a fee may be assessed. In order for your attendance to not be recorded as a "no-show," you must cancel your registration as indicated in your confirmation email. This is typically 5 days in advance for Information Technology classes, and by noon the day before for all others.

Schedule and Location Changes. Dates, times, and locations of these courses are listed in the catalog and in your "My training" report, but are subject to change. Check your confirmation emails closely for any changes.

Cost / Payment. Most of the MIT courses described on this website are currently offered free of charge to members of the MIT community. Exceptions include advanced information technology training and some courses that have extensive course materials. Any costs associated with a course are noted in the course descriptions.

Note: Most fee-based courses listed here are not covered by the MIT Tuition Assistance Plan, which is intended for more extensive training and education.