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Setting It Up: Basic Services
Water Supply and Sanitation

Many resources are available for choosing and designing water supply and sanitation systems. Some selected resources follow:

Urban Projects Manual. Davidson, Forbes and Geoff Payne. 1983. Liverpool: Liverpool University Press and Fairstead Press. Excellent resource for practitioner in setting up projects with detailed information from surveys to management to infrastructure options.
See: Table of Contents.


Urbanization Primer: Project Assessment, Site Analysis, Design Criteria for Site and Services or Similar Dwelling Environments in Developing Areas: with a Documentary Collection of Photographs on Urbanization. Caminos, Horacio and Reinhard Goethert. 1978. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.
See: Table of Contents


Water Supply and Sanitation: Programme Field Manual. UNICEF, 1985.

ChiangMai, Thailand.
Drinking, cooking, washing with clean water is a key to health.

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