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Urbanization Primer: Project Assessment, Site Analysis, Design Criteria for Site and Services or Similar Dwelling Environments in Developing Areas: with a documentary collection of photographs on urbanization.
Caminos, Horacio, and Reinhard Goethert. 1978. MIT Press.

ISBN: 0262030667

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1.0 project assessment

    Guidelines for identification
    Standards for performance
    Procedures for evaluation
    Examples for illustration: matrix models,
    demonstrative model, existing settlement,
    proposed project

2.0 site analysis

    Location, approaches, accesses, transportation
    Size, shape
    Topography, natural features
    Dust/dirt, smoke, fumes, odors, noises, vibrations
    Fire/explosion hazards
    Airport disturbances/zoning restrictions
    Existing structures, easements, rights-of-way
    Land tenure
    Land cost
    Gas, telephone
    Community facilities/services
    Refuse collection
    Government/municipal regulations
    Income groups
    Population density
    Circulation system
    Land utilization
    Land subdivision
    Land development
    Basic and physical-economic diagrams

3.0 design criteria

    The site and services concept
    The models
    The matrix
    Models for any lots
    Utilities, services, community facilities
    Water supply
    Sewage disposal
    Water supply and sewage disposal (easements)
    Circulation and storm drainage
    Electricity and street lighting
    Utilities: cost studies
    Utilities: costs per lot
    Utilities: costs per hectare

4.0 appendix

    Layouts of 20 Models
    Utilities: Cost Data
    Unit cost analysis of utilities, for U.S.A. and Venezuela
    Tables of total costs per model for U.S.A. and Venezuela
    Tables of relative costs per hectare and per lot for 20 models


    Urban settlements
    Removal policies
    Progressive development
    Instant development
    Land coverage
    Land utilization:
    fences, signs, etc.
    Streets: alleys
    Streets: meters, lights, signs
    Streets: closed to automobiles
    Streets: waste of land
    Water supply
    Sewage disposal
    Storm drainage
    Electricity and street lighting
    Refuse collection
    Modification of dwellings
    Inside the dwellings
    Shared courts

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