Handbooks, Manuals

References are arranged following the project phases. ‘Must read’ are indicated by Must Read and most include a copy of the Table of Contents or an abstract.

Comprehensive Handbooks

Must ReadUrban Projects Manual. Davidson, Forbes and Geoff Payne. 1983. Liverpool: Liverpool University Press and Fairstead Press. Excellent resource for practitioner in setting up projects with detailed information from surveys to management to infrastructure options. (Table of Contents)

Planificacion y Gestion de Proyectos de Mejoramiento Urbano: Taller de Capacitacion. SUM Consult: Gladys Aristizabal de O., Christopher Lewin, Olga Mendez, Roland Ziss. GTZ, Eschborn. (no date - 1987?) (In Spanish)

Guidelines for the Preparation of Shelter Programmes. United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (Habitat) and Ministry of the Environment, Finland. Nairobi. March 1984.

The Task Managers Handbook: The World Bank’s Project Cycle: From Identification to Completion. The World Bank, Operations Policy Department, Operations Policy Group. Washington, D.C. (no date - 1994?)

Communication Techniques

Must ReadCommunicating Building for Safety. Dudley, Eric, and Haaland, Ane. Intermediate Technology Publications, London. 1993. Excellent overview of do’s and don’ts of handbooks and other forms of visual commnication in Third World situations, despite misleading title. (Table of Contents)

The Visual Display of Quantitative Information. Tufte, Edward R. Graphics Press, Cheshire, Connecticut. 1983. and also Envisioning Information. 1983. Visual Explanations. 1997.
A reference series of graphic example.

GTZ. Einsatz von Lehrmitteln in Projekten der Stadtentwicklung. GTZ-Fachseminar, Nariobi, October 23-28. Eschborn, 1989. Summary of a conference of field workers on design and use of handbooks in housing and upgrading projects in the Third World. In German. (Table of Contents)

Learning to Train: An Introduction to Training Skills. UNHCR Training Service. Prepared inhouse by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. Geneva, 1990. A detailed series of booklets on methods.

Working with Groups: Managing People. Oxfordshire Programme for Training, Instruction and Supervision and the Wigan Foundation for Technical Education. Kidlingon, England, 1987. Handy size and very clear ‘how to do’ booklet.

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