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VaNTH's Collaborators

VaNTH would like to thank the cooperative efforts of several people and organizations. We'd like to acknowledge the following collaborators in particular:

National VaNTH and Other VaNTH Chapters

Harvard/MIT VaNTH has worked closely with the national organization and other chapters to pursue large-scale projects such as development of the "What is BME?" CD. We have also received financial assistance from the national organization, to which the National Science Foundation has given generous funding.

We thank the following VaNTH-related organizations for their support:

National VaNTH
NSF Sponsorship
Northwestern VaNTH
Vanderbilt VaNTH

Voluntary Organizations

VaNTH thanks the following organizations for helping promote quality biomedical engineering education by providing volunteers, funding and teaching facilities.

MATCH high school
Cambridge School Volunteers
Harvard Philip Brooks House


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