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Current Projects


VaNTH will be teaching high school students in the 8 week 2003 High School Studies Program (HSSP). The program is free for high school students. We plan to teach a module concerning the workings of the eye. Any motivated undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to help teach. Email vanth-exec@mit.edu for questions on how to get involved.

"What is BME" CD

VaNTH has made plans to develop a video on biomedical engineering for distribution to high schools. We plan to interview distinguished professors and industry leaders, and videotape some labs doing fascinating research. If you'd like to get involved in this project, email vanth-exec@mit.edu.

Paternity Test Module

VaNTH is planning to develop and teach a paternity test module to MATCH high school located in Allston. The students will be taught the basic science behind paternity testing through a hands-on approach. Email vanth-exec@mit.edu if you'd like to get involved in this project.


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