The MIT Women's Chorale

Vocal Parts Holiday Concert 2017

The Chorale is divided into four vocal parts, representing the vocal ranges of the singers. From highest to lowest these are: Soprano I, Soprano II, Alto I, and Alto II.

Below will be web references and audio files that can help you learn the music for this season. Watch this space as the semester progresses--we'll try to add more.










Virtual Piano Keyboard (New posting, this is the good one)



The Importance of Consonants while Singing:

Luciano Pavarotti Jessye Norman Monserrat Caballe Stephanie Blythe


Interval Training:

A very useful  general resource, for  training your ears to hear the intervals between notes (that is, the differences in pitches between the notes).

It lets you see notation of intervals and hear them and test yourself. The site also offers mnemonics for remembering intervals,  beyond those that Kevin has already mentioned--you may find one that works well for you in the list.  Don't forget to "click to hear other intervals" once you've absorbed the intervals that start with middle C.

For Mac owners, there is also a free program available that presents some of the same, and a useful quiz, in a different format:

If the entire concept of "interval" is new or confusing, you may find  the top parts of this page enlightening:



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