At the heart of our materials is a concern for smarter front-line practice. You will find ideas to help you develop or review strategic plans, build wiser partnerships with other organizations or groups, trigger powerful learning within your staff or board or network through critical reflection, prepare effective proposals for public and private funders, work with others to design approaches to assessing your work fairly, recruit and train new staff in the fundamental issues facing the field, and more. The knowledge-in-action briefs are the heart of the site, with ideas rendered in a magazine-style format: We present general action principles up front and then develop them in the body of each brief. But the learning guides are also important to help you take the next step: Applying key ideas and questions to your own work, whether through individual reflection or group discussion and planning activities. Plus, we've made as many of the relevant readings as possible available free on our site or through links to other sites on the web. (If it's not on our site, it's probably because we did not receive copyright permission from the publisher.)