The purpose of this site is to contribute to self-directed learning, so much of the site's architecture is tailor-made for students in the broad sense—those working in the field or (for now) in the classroom, those in the earliest stages of their careers and those well along in the field too. But the three original knowledge-in-action briefs are particularly appropriate as assigned reading for your students or training clients. Unlike most research papers or books or advocacy documents, the briefs were specifically designed to teach, and they focus on a mix of the perennial dilemmas or central questions of the field, as well as timely concerns, such as how to put new information technology tools to smarter use. The briefs bring together cutting-edge ideas in an accessible format—often with mini-cases of the ideas at work—with simple references for further reading. In addition, you may find the learning guides in each section of the site useful as structured guides for discussion and for linking ideas in the briefs to issues in the field, in a project your students or clients are now facing, or something else. Note that no permission is required to make any educational use of our materials, provided that you distribute the materials free or at cost of reproduction.