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Remaining at Home
What Are Home Care Services?
Professional Geriatric Care Management
Evaluating Home Care Needs
What Are Activities of Daily Living?
Physical Capacity
Health and Nutrition
Finding and Paying for Home Care Services
Subsidized Services
Private Home Care Services
How to Pay for Home Care
Can Families Get Paid to Provide Home Care?
How Do I Evaluate Home Care Services?
Important Questions to Ask Home Care Agencies
Checklist for Determining Ability to Carry Out Activities of Daily Living

Where to Start
A Primary Care Doctor Who Understands the Needs of Older Patients
Specialized Geriatric Services
Record Keeping
Hospital Stays
General Information and Resources for Health Care Insurance
Health Care Insurance Coverage: Medicare, Medigap, and MassHealth
Basic Medicare Coverage
Supplements to Medicare: Medigap Insurance and Medicare HMOs
Supplements to Medicare: Options Available through MassHealth
Supplements to Medicare: Military Service Benefits
Perscription Drug Benefits
Long Term Care Insurance

Questions About Palliative Care and Hospice
How Do I Know When Palliative Care is Needed?
How Do I Know When to Seek Hospice Care?
Where Are Hospice Services Provided?
Who Provides Hospice and Palliative Care Services
How Do We Pay for Hospice Care?
Massachusetts End of Life Care Resources
Bereavement Support
End of Life Care Organizations and Websites
National Organizations with End of Life Care Resources

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