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Do I Need This Handbook?
Asking the Right Questions
 Anticipating Care Needs
 Assessing Care Needs and Finding Services
 Financial Issues
 Caregiver Support
Using This Handbook
Using the Web
Where Should I Start? How Elder Care Services Are Organized in MA
 1. Executive Office of Elder Affairs (Elder Affairs)
 2. Aging Service Access Points (ASAP)
 3. Councils on Aging ("COA")
 4. Area Agencies on Aging ("AAAs")
Other Kinds of Organizations Providing Elder Care Services

Professional Financial Planning
Figuring Out the Present Financial Picture
Current Income
Current Expenses
Insurance Coverage
Net Worth
Financial Planning for Anticipated Elder Care
Are You Eligible for Benefits Covering Elder Care Services?
When You Are Not Eligible for Subsidized Services
Resources for Pension Issues
List of Important Documents

Legal Planning for Lifetime Care
Durable Power of Attorney
Health Care Proxy
What Is It?
How Can I Get One?
Next Steps
Do Not Resuscitate DNR/DNI
Estate Planning - Wills and Trusts
Legal Planning Resources
Finding Subsidized Legal Services for Elders and Caregivers
Private Attorneys Specializing in Elder Law
Nationally Available Legal Resources

Resources in Massachusetts
National Resources
Resources for Evaluating Quality of Care in MA Nursing Homes
Elder Abuse Protective Services

Remaining at Home
What Are Home Care Services?
Professional Geriatric Care Management
Evaluating Home Care Needs
What Are Activities of Daily Living?
Physical Capacity
Health and Nutrition
Finding and Paying for Home Care Services
Subsidized Services
Private Home Care Services
How to Pay for Home Care
Can Families Get Paid to Provide Home Care?
How Do I Evaluate Home Care Services?
Important Questions to Ask Home Care Agencies
Checklist for Determining Ability to Carry Out Activities of Daily Living

Where to Start
A Primary Care Doctor Who Understands the Needs of Older Patients
Specialized Geriatric Services
Record Keeping
Hospital Stays
General Information and Resources for Health Care Insurance
Health Care Insurance Coverage: Medicare, Medigap, and MassHealth
Basic Medicare Coverage
Supplements to Medicare: Medigap Insurance and Medicare HMOs
Supplements to Medicare: Options Available through MassHealth
Supplements to Medicare: Military Service Benefits
Perscription Drug Benefits
Long Term Care Insurance

Questions About Palliative Care and Hospice
How Do I Know When Palliative Care is Needed?
How Do I Know When to Seek Hospice Care?
Where Are Hospice Services Provided?
Who Provides Hospice and Palliative Care Services
How Do We Pay for Hospice Care?
Massachusetts End of Life Care Resources
Bereavement Support
End of Life Care Organizations and Websites
National Organizations with End of Life Care Resources

Caregivers Also Need Care
Finding Resources and Learning New Skills
 Respite Services
 Support Groups and Self Care
Flexible Work Arrangements and Leave Options
Finding Resources and Programs for Caregivers in Massachusetts
Massachusetts Family Caregiver Support Program
What Do They Provide?
Who Is Eligible?
How Is the Program Organized?
Caregiver Support Programs through Ethnic and Faith-based Organizations
Caregiver Support Programs through Organizations Linked to Specific Diseases
National Organizations with Caregiver Resources
AMA Caregiver Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Remaining in Your Home
Step One: Home Modification and Repair
Step Two: Assistive Technolgoy
Step Three: Financing Home Modifications and Safety Equipment
Step Four: Energy Assistance
Remaining in Your Home and in Your Community
What Is a NORC?
Elder Housing Options
Independent Living
Assisted Living
Specialized Care Facility
Supportive Housing
Congregate Housing
Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC)
Nursing Homes or Long-Term Care Facilities
Veteran's Housing
Resources for Senior Housing in Massachusetts
National Organizations with Senior Housing Options

Assessing Transportation Needs and Resources
To Drive, or Not to Drive?
Finding Transportation Services
Types of Service
Transportation Services Provided by Massachusetts Transit Authorities
Fixed Route Services
Paratransit Services
Shuttles and Other Community Transportation Resources

Colleges, Universities and Libraries
Travel and Other Learning Communities
Cultural Institutions and Resources
Listing of Lifelong Learning Resources in Massachusetts
Eastern and Southeastern Massachusetts
North Shore
Central Massachusetts
Western Massachusetts

Massachusetts and Community-based Resources
Other Local Resources
National Resources
Park Services

Legislative and Advocacy Organizations in Massachusetts
On Beacon Hill
National Legislative and Advocacy Organizations

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