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Update 20110317



While at MIT have taken many courses across a broad spectrum. Below is the complete list of courses that I plan to have completed by the end of this academic year.


Engineering Courses
Mechanical Engineering:
Mechanics and Materials I (2.001)
Mechanics and Materials II (2.002)
Dynamics and Control I (2.003)
Dynamics and Control II (2.004)
Thermal-Fluids I/II (2.005/2.006)
Design and Manufacture I (2.007)
Design and Manufacture II (2.008)
Precision Machine Design (2.750)
Measurement and Instrumentation (2.671)
Project Laboratory (2.672)
Modeling and Approximation of Thermal Processes (2.52 G)
Finite Element Analysis I/II (2.093/2.094 G)
Advanced Instrumentation and Measurement (2.131 G)
General Thermodynamics (2.42 G)
Advanced Heat Transfer (2.55 G)

Nuclear Engineering:
Intro to Ionizing Radiation (22.01)
Intro to Applied Nuclear Physics (22.02)
Nuclear Systems Design Project (22.033)
Neutron Science & Reactor Physics (22.05)
Principles of Tomographic Imaging (22.058)
Engineering of Nuclear Systems (22.06)
Intro to Electronics (22.071)
Nuclear Radiation Measurement & Protection (22.09)

Earth Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences:
Computation Methods of Science Programming (12.010)
Environmental Earth Science (12.102)
Environmental Earth Science Field Camp (12.120)
Radiogenic Isotope Geology (12.476)
Hands-On Astronomy (12.409)
The Solar System (12.400)

Calculus I/II (18.01/18.02)
Differential Equations (18.03)
Mathematical Methods for Engineers (18.085)

Mechanics (8.01)
Electricity and Magnetism (8.02)
Waves and Vibrations (8.03)

Physics 123
Power Electronics (6.131)