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MagIC II Upgrade:

Key Individuals

Jim Elliot --- Project Director
Bill Mayer --- Budget and Accounting
Steve Kissel --- Electronic Specialist
Folkers Rojas --- Chief Engineer/ Designer/ Machinist
Matt Lockhart --- Software Specialist
Kenton Phillips --- Computer Specialist


The MagIC camera is a Magellan telescope instrument originally built by MIT and Harvard. The goal of this upgrade project was to upgrade the capabilities of the instrument by adding a fast frame-transfer E2V CCD to the MagIC dewar. The additional CCD adds high-speed photometry capability to MagIC so it can be used to record stellar occultations, extrasolar-planet transits, and other rapidly varying astronomical sources. After the upgrade, MagIC will be the only instrument on site capable of such measurements. The upgrade is a joint collaboration between the MIT Kavli Institute (MKI) and the Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences (EAPS).

Design Parameters

  • Both CCD's Unvignetted
  • f/11 telescope
  • Filter 3.75" Square
  • Limited to existing dewar space
  • Non-Invasive design
  • Time to make dewar modifications at MIT: three weeks

Design & Manufacture

Dewar Backlid

Multiple CCD Holder

Bearing Clamp

Front Lid


Exploded View of inside the dewar

Complete Assembly
For an e-Drawing of the whole instrument click here.
For an e-Drawing of the dewar camera only click here.

Instrument Layout