Spring 2013

Tutorial and Recitation Section Assignments

Look up your Recitation Assignment.

Tuesday and Thursday Recitation Rooms

Recitation Section Time Location Recitation Instructor TA
R01 TR10 34-303 van Dijk Thomson
R02 TR11 34-303 van Dijk Thomson
R03 TR11 34-304 Rudolph Benitez
R04 TR12 34-304 Rudolph Kumar
R05 TR11 36-372 Devadas Wang
R06 TR12 36-372 Devadas Wang
R07 TR1 34-303 Chlipala Dehnert
R08 TR2 34-303 Chlipala Dehnert
R09 TR1 34-304 Shavit Li
R10 TR2 34-304 Shavit Kumar
R11 TR12 2-151 Strauss Simosa
R12 TR1 2-151 Strauss Simosa

Friday Sections and Writing Program Lectures

You will attend the Friday tutorial corresponding to your recitation, as listed below:

Time Recitation Recitation Instructor TA Writing Instructor Location
F1 R01 van Dijk Thomson Stickgold-Sarah 26-204
F2 R02 van Dijk Thomson Stickgold-Sarah 26-204
F1 R03 Rudolph Benitez Unger 24-402
F2 R04 Rudolph Kumar Unger 24-402
F1 R05 Devadas Wang Schoenstein 26-210
F2 R06 Devadas Wang Schoenstein 26-210
F1 R07 Chlipala Dehnert Sutliff 26-314
F2 R08 Chlipala Dehnert Delaney 26-314
F2 R09 Shavit Li Volaitis 66-168
F1 R10 Shavit Kumar Volaitis 66-168
F1 R11 Strauss Simosa Melvold 24-115
F2 R12 Strauss Simosa Jackson 24-115

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