Spring 2015

6.033 lectures are in 26-100 at 2pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. Recitations are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

We will release the Spring 2015 assignments as the semester moves along. The contents of this calendar for days more than two weeks in the future may be missing.

MondayTuesday WednesdayThursday Friday
feb 2

Reg day
feb 3
REC 1: Worse is Better

Preparation: Read Worse is Better
Assigned: Hands-on DNS

First day of classes
feb 4
LEC 1: Coping with Complexity: Enforced Modularity and Client/server Organization (slides)

Reading: Book sections 1.1-1.5, and 4.1-4.3
feb 5
REC 2: Therac-25

Preparation: Therac-25 paper
feb 6
TUT 1: Introduction to system critiques (run by TAs)

Assigned: Paper critique #1
feb 9
LEC 2: Canceled due to snow
feb 10
REC 3: Canceled due to snow
feb 11
LEC 3: Naming (slides)

Reading: Book sections 2.2, and 3.1
feb 12

Preparation: Book section 4.4: "Case study: The Internet Domain Name System (DNS)
DUE: Hands-on DNS
Assigned: Hands-on UNIX
feb 13
TUT 2: How to read a paper (run by communication instructors)

Assigned: Paper critique #2
feb 16
President's day
feb 17
LEC 4: Virtual memory (slides)

Reading: Book sections 5.1, 5.3, and 5.4

Monday schedule
feb 18
LEC 5: Bounded buffers and locks (slides)

Reading: Book section 5.2
feb 19

Preparation: Unix paper
DUE: Hands-on UNIX
Assigned: Hands-on Valgrind
feb 20
TUT 3: No tutorial

DUE: Paper critique #1
feb 23
LEC 6: Threads (slides)

Reading: Book sections 5.5 and 5.6
feb 24

Preparation: Unix paper
feb 25
LEC 7: OS structure, Virtual Machines (slides)

Reading: Book section 5.8
feb 26
REC 7: Eraser

Preparation: Eraser
DUE: Hands-on Valgrind
Assigned: Hands-on MapReduce
feb 27
TUT 4: Team-writing and collaboration (run by communication instructors)

Assigned: DP proposal (see also: DP description)
mar 2
LEC 8: Performance (slides)

Reading: Book sections 6.1, 6.2, and 6.3.4
mar 3
REC 8: MapReduce

Preparation: MapReduce paper
mar 4
LEC 9: Intro to networking (slides)

Reading: Book sections 7.1 and 7.2 (book chapters 7-11 are online)
DUE: Send team list to TA

We assume that you have taken 6.02 and have the necessary background from the networking topics studied there. If not, or if you need a refresher, as background please read chapters 15-19 of the 6.02 book, which we've posted here.
mar 5
REC 9: End-to-End arguments

Preparation: End-to-End
DUE: Hands-on MapReduce
Assigned: Hands-on traceroute
mar 6
TUT 5: DP discussion (run by TAs)

DUE: Paper critique #2

mar 9
LEC 10: Routing and BGP

Reading: BGP tutorial through Section 3.2
mar 10
REC 10: RON Overlay Network

Preparation: RON paper
mar 11
LEC 11: Transport layer
mar 12
REC 11: Canceled

DUE: Hands-on traceroute
Assigned: Hands-on TCP
mar 13
TUT 6: Writing DP proposal (run by communication instructors)
mar 16
LEC 12: In-network resource management (slides)
mar 17
REC 12: Bufferbloat

Preparation: Bufferbloat
mar 18
LEC 13: Wireless/BLE + DP questions
mar 19
REC 13: TCP for Data Centers

Preparation: TCP for Data Centers
DUE: Hands-on TCP
mar 20
TUT 7: No tutorial

DUE: DP proposal
mar 23
Spring break
mar 24
Spring break
mar 25
Spring break
mar 26
Spring break
mar 27
Spring break
mar 30
LEC 14: Network Neutrality (slides)
mar 31
REC 14: Network Neutrality

Preparation: Approaches to Transparency
apr 1
LEC 15: Reliability (slides)

Reading: Book sections 8.1, 8.2, and 8.3
apr 2

Preparation: RAID paper
Assigned: Hands-on Logging
apr 3
QUIZ 1: 2:00pm (FAQ)
Last names A-K: in 26-100
Last names L-Z: in 50-340
apr 6
LEC 16: Intro to transactions (slides, notes on all-or-nothing disk sector)

Reading: Book sections 9.1, 9.2.1, and 9.2.2
Assigned: DP Presentation
apr 7
REC 16: Distributed Storage

Preparation: GFS
apr 8
LEC 17: Logging

Reading: Book section 9.3
apr 9

Preparation: LFS paper
DUE: Hands-on Logging
Assigned: Hands-on DB
apr 10
TUT 8: DP presentation and figures (run by communication instructors)

Assigned: Paper critique #3
apr 13
LEC 18: Isolation

Reading: Book sections 9.4 before 9.4.1, and 9.5

DP Presentations should be scheduled for this week or next
apr 14
REC 18: DB Survey

Preparation: Concurrency Control and Recovery Paper
apr 15
LEC 19: Distributed transactions

Reading: Book section 9.6
apr 16

Preparation: PNUTS
DUE: Hands-on DB
apr 17
TUT 9: Discussion on DP analysis/evaluation and common mistakes (run by TAs)
apr 20
Patriots day
apr 21
Patriots day
apr 22
LEC 20: Availability via Replication
apr 23
REC 20: Trusting trust

Preparation: Trusting trust
Assigned: Hands-on buffer overrun

apr 24
TUT 10: How to write a design report (run by communication instructors)

DUE: Paper critique #3
Assigned: DP Report
apr 27
LEC 21: Security intro (slides)

Reading: Book section 11.1
apr 28
REC 21: Beyond Stack Smashing

Preparation: Beyond Stack Smashing
apr 29
LEC 22: Authentication and passwords (slides)

Reading: Book section 11.2
apr 30
REC 22: Why Cryptosystems Fail

Preparation: Why Cryptosystems Fail
DUE: Hands-on buffer overrun
Assigned: Hands-on trust
may 1
TUT 11: No tutorial

CI instructors will be holding office hours this week and next for help with the design report.
may 4
LEC 23: Secure channels (slides)

Reading: Book sections 11.3, 11.4, and 11.5
may 5

Preparation: DNSSEC
may 6
LEC 24: Network security and DDoS attacks (slides)
may 7
REC 24: Botnets

Preparation: Botnets
DUE: Hands-on trust
may 8
TUT 12: No tutorial

DUE: DP Report
may 11
LEC 25: Underground Web Technologies (slides)
may 12
REC 25: Bitcoin

Preparation: Bitcoin
may 13
LEC 26: Guest Lecture by Daniel Weitzner: "Foundations of Internet Policy: How Internet technology and law meet, clash, but ultimately work out."
may 14
REC 26: Security wrap-up

Preparation: The Night Watch

Last day of classes
may 15
may 18

Final exam week
may 19

Final exam week
may 20

Final exam week
may 21
QUIZ 2: 1:30pm (FAQ)
Johnson Ice Rink

Final exam week
may 22

Final exam week

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