Preparation for Exam 1

The 6.033 exams are given on Gradescope. The exam will be available for a full 24 hours, from 12:00pm EDT on 4/6 until 12:00pm EDT on 4/7. Once you start the exam, you'll have 2.5 hours to finish it. (In normal times, 6.033 exams are two-hour exams; we're giving you an extra thirty minutes so that you have some buffer time for dealing with anything unexpected. We are not writing a longer exam than usual.)

The exam will be "open book", which means you can use any printed or written materials that you think might be useful, or a laptop or tablet to view, e.g., PDF versions of the papers and notes. Calculators are allowed, though typically not necessary. However:

Practice Exams

Exam 1 will cover all of the material up to and including Recitation 12; this includes lectures, recitations, and hands-ons. We've included three previous exams below to help you study. These exams are meant to give you a sense of the length and scope of the exam; note that there is some content on these exams that we did not cover this semester.

We strongly suggest working through them in an environment that is authentic as possible (i.e., with a 2.5-hour time limit, in a quiet space). Just reading the exams and their solutions isn't usually as helpful.