What do people go to office hours for?

Office hours are a great way to interact more deeply with the course material by asking questions about the hands-on, design project, lecture notes, recitation readings, and previous quizzes (this is certainly not an exhaustive list).

The Office Hours Schedule

The office hours schedule is below. We offer a variety of different morning, afternoon, and evening times so just come to the office hours time that works best for you!

DayTime (Eastern)Staff Members
Sunday8:00pm-10:00pmRachel Wei
Monday6:00pm-8:00pmPhi Xu, Jay Lang
Tuesday5:00pm-6:00pmMing Wang, Felipe Monsalve
6:00pm-7:00pmMing Wang, Nick Kaashoek
Wednesday1:00pm-2:00pmWesley Woo, Christabel Sitienei
6:00pm-8:00pmMeenal Parakh, Katherine Xiao
Thursday7:00pm-9:00pmJohnny Bui, Yang Yan
Friday10:00am-12:00pmAvital Baral, Evan Kim

Attending Office Hours

There are a couple of different ways for you to attend office hours, depending on whether you have a specific question or a more general one.

Joining the Queue

If you have a specific question that you want to ask a TA, join the 6.033 Office Hours Queue. There, you can log-in, join the queue, and a TA will claim you and send a Zoom link to join. Feel free to bring teammates too if you have a Design Project question.

Using the Open Zoom Room

To better replicate the real office hours experience that you know and love, we will be using a Zoom room during office hours so that you can join and work with other students. If there is a TA in the room, feel free to ask general questions, but we ask that any specific questions (especially if it involves showing the TA your assignment) be saved for when you join the queue. The link for this zoom room is on Piazza, in a pinned post.

Even if no one else is in the Zoom Room, feel free to stick around :). Maybe one of your classmates will join too.


We love feedback, so if you have any thoughts about how office hours is working, feel free to make a Piazza post.