Getting Help

If you are struggling with any aspect of 6.033, the staff is here to help. The best ways to get help in 6.033 are to post a question on Piazza or visit office hours.

Ways to get help

Piazza: We'll use the 6.033 Piazza forum for most discussions regarding that course. You'll be able to sign up on that forum once it's live, which usually happens a day or two before classes start. Piazza is the best way to contact the staff. Post a private question if you don't want your communcation to be visible to other students.

Office hours: Office hours are a time for you to get one-on-one help with a member of the course staff. We'll begin holding regular office hours on 2/22, and will aim to accommodate all time zones. Once we've set those hours, you'll be able to see the schedule here.

Tutoring: HKN Tutoring provides free one-on-one tutoring for hundreds of Course 6 students each semester and is another resource for students looking for extra help. Sign up to be a tutee (or tutor!) here.


I have personal circumstances that are affecting my performance in this class. What should I do? We can usually accommodate this. Get in touch with Student Support Services, as well as with Dr. LaCurts. We will work with you and S3 to come up with a plan.

I have a question about something in the class and I'm not sure who to contact. Piazza is the best place for general questions; you can post a private question if you'd prefer other students not to see it. If you are more comfortable reaching out to a single staff member, get in touch with Dr. LaCurts, your recitation instructor, your WRAP instructor, or any of the TAs. We want you to feel comfortable reaching out for help, and we're happy to redirect you to someone else on the staff if there's a better person to answer your question.

I'm having trouble working with my design project team, but I'm worried that if I say something, one of my teammates will be penalized. What should I do? Please reach out to us. Your WRAP instructor is likely the best point of contact for this, but you can also reach out to Dr. LaCurts. We will work with you and your team to find a solution; no one will be unfairly penalized. In some cases, a member of your team may be having difficulties outside of class, and this gives us an opportunity to help support them while also making sure the design project goes smoothly for everyone. (See more about design project teams here.)

I'm having trouble accessing some part of the class. The staff of 6.033 is committed to the principle of equal access. We encourage you to meet with Dr. LaCurts to discuss your disability-related needs, including accommodations which you may need in order to fully access this course. If you have a quick issue—you can't login to Gradescope, Zoom crashed, etc.—post a question on Piazza and we'll help.