The hands-ons are short, low-stress (we hope) assignments designed to reinforce some of the abstract concepts from the lectures and recitation, and to let you find out how things really work.

Accessing the hands-ons

The hands-ons are set up as assignments on Gradescope, and we'll be linking to them via Canvas. They typically release at 12:00pm Eastern on their relase date, and are due at 11:59pm on their due date (which is often a Tuesday).

We haven't used Gradescope and Canvas in this way before, so please post on Piazza if you're having trouble accessing the assignment. Canvas doesn't give us a great way to test Gradescope integration from the student side, unfortunately.

Getting help

If you have any questions about the hands-ons, or need help getting started, office hours are a great place to start! If you are having trouble accessing Gradescope, let us know on Piazza and we'll help you figure that out.


Our goal is to release grades for each hands-on one week after it's due. You'll be able to see your grades, and submit regrade requests if necessary, directly on Gradescope—you'll get an email when grades are released. You can submit regrade requests for a particular hands-on for up to one week after the grades are released.

Hands-ons count for 5% of your final grade total, and we will drop your lowest score (i.e., each of your five best hands-ons will be worth 1% of your final grade).