What do people go to office hours for?

Office hours are a great way to interact more deeply with the course material by asking questions about the hands-on, design project, lecture notes, recitation readings, and previous quizzes (this is certainly not an exhaustive list). You can come to office hours with any question about the class.

The Office Hours Schedule

We'll start holding office hours during the second week of class, and will post the official schedule here during the first week of class. We aim to offer a variety of different morning, afternoon, and evening times so that you can go to the time that works best for you.

Attending Office Hours

If you are attending a virtual office hour, you'll need to join the 6.033 Office Hours Queue (which won't work before office hours officially begin!). There, you can log-in, join the queue, and a TA will claim you and send a Zoom link to join. Feel free to bring teammates too if you have a Design Project question.

If you are attending an in-person office hour, just show up at the room listed above! Students typically come to in-person office hours with specific questions in mind, but it is also okay to use them as a place to work on your assignment as ask questionfs as you go. 6.033 office hours are typically not too crowded. [an error occurred while processing this directive]