Getting Help

If you are struggling with any aspect of 6.033, the staff is here to help. The best ways to get help in 6.033 are to post a question on Piazza or visit office hours. The TAs hold office hours according to the following schedule:

DayOffice hourTALocation
Monday10:00am-12:00pmBarbie Duckworth, Vivian Zhang26-328
Tuesday4:00pm-6:00pmKevin Cho, Sam DeLaughter34-302
Wednesday4:00pm-5:00pmAbbey Russell, Kifle Woldu34-302
5:00pm-6:00pmAbbey Russell, Nayoung Lee34-302
Thursday3:00pm-4:00pmNayoung Lee, Sophie Russo24-307
4:00pm-5:00pmSophie Russo, Kifle Woldu24-307
Friday3:00pm-5:00pmSteven Okada, Katie Sedlar24-307

Course staff contact: To contact the course staff, please use Piazza unless you need to email a staff member individually. You can post a private question on Piazza if you do not want your communication to be visible to the other students in the class.

Extenuating Circumstances: If you have personal circumstances that are affecting your performance in the class, please get in touch with Student Support Services, and then with Dr. LaCurts. We will work with you and S3 to come up with a plan.

Tutoring: HKN Tutoring provides free one-on-one tutoring for hundreds of Course 6 students each semester and is another resource for students looking for extra help. Sign up to be a tutee (or tutor!) here.