An-Ni Zhang


Research interests

Over the last 4 years, I build a framework to mine new knowledge and potential applications by bioinformatics and big data analysis. This framework insights the linkages between data to knowledge and applications in the field of environment microbiology.


  • Big data mining + bioinformatics
  • Clinical health + risk
  • Microbiome + metabolism


  • Method development
  • Bioinformatics pipeline development
  • Big data integration and visualization


  • Antibiotic resistance
  • Mobile genetic elements
  • Not-yet-cultured functional microbes

Current projects

I'm developing the next stage of my career and applying my whole package to this brand new field of human microbiome. I'm building an integrated analysis method to combine genomes, meta-omics, isolates, and model animals to mining new knowledge and applications. I'm also a new member in the Global Microbiome Conservancy. My current research focuses on:
  • The evolution of functional genes and microbial groups
  • Traits that shape, maintain and disturb our gut microbes
  • Diseases-related gut microbes and functions


An-Ni Zhang

Postdoc Research Fellow
anniz44 at mit dot edu
caozhichongchong at gmail dot com