Lab Members

PI: Eric Alm

ericAlm The human microbiome plays a key role in human health and disease. Research in my group includes both computational/theoretical and experimental approaches to understanding and engineering the human microbiome. Our research is focused on translating basic science discoveries rapidly into the clinic, where they can contribute to better outcomes for patients. Some areas of special interest include:
  • Developing therapeutics based on synthetic microbial communities
  • Personalized medicine
  • Monitoring human activities through Smart Sewers
  • Smart Toilets that track human health
  • Discovering low-cost non-invasive biomarkers
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brittany Brittany Berdy
Project manager (manager of bacterial strain collections)
I am currently working on curating a microbiome strain collection for researchers all over the world to have access to. This includes getting the collection in sharable form, cataloguing isolates, as well as isolating new and exciting species and exploring their potentials!... Read more

Shandrina Burns
Administrative assistant
burnss at mit dot edu
Tsultrim Palden
Lab manager
tpalden at mit dot edu
Katya Frois-Moniz
Research Scientist/Research Lead
kmoniz at mit dot edu
Franciscus Chandra
Lab Technologist (SMART Alm Lab)
franciscus.chandra at smart dot mit dot edu
Imran Imran Muhammad
Visiting Scientist (MIT) and Associate Professor (QAU-Pakistan)
Understanding and modelling the naturally occurring complex microbial communities of gut and indigenously fermented foods and might have a potential to enhance the productivity and prevent various diseases. I'm interested in the development of food and feed based bio-therapeutics with wide array of applications for human and animals... Read more


federica_armas Federica Armas
My field of expertise ranges from the mycobacteria to probiotics. I have always focused on a single, one person, one animal, but now, I am moving my attention to a population level, looking at a neighbourhood or entire cities. I am excited to work with the Alm Singaporean group to look into into new wastewater population biomarkers to study public health in cities that will help us predict an infectious disease outbreak to act promptly and maintain our population health... Read more
ethan Ethan Evans
i'm generally fascinated by problems at the interface of machine learning with chemistry and biology. particularly questions surrounding networks and time series, spanning multiple orders of magnitude. this ranges from atomistic simulations for understanding molecular interactions to cellular networks, metabolic states and systems biology... Read more
mathieu Mathieu Groussin
Broadly speaking, I am interested in the inference of biological properties of ancient prokaryotic life and in how bacterial and archaeal communities evolve. My main interests focus on the study of genetic data (DNA, proteins) to understand the main evolutionary processes... Read more
xiaoqiong Xiaoqiong Gu
I am interested in the relationship between the viromes, human-inducted factors and public health in the city based ecosystem. In the future, I would like to apply the viral metagenomics not only in environmental samples, but also human clinical samples, to capture the virome patterns in these clinical samples and correlate with human disease... Read more

weilin Wei Lin Lee
As part of the Alm lab in Singapore, I work on wastewater-based methods for proactive early infectious disease outbreak detection. Disease transmission commonly go undetected when populations with symptoms below the testing threshold fail to be clinically detected and reported, as epitomized by COVID-19. Read more
tu Tu Nguyen
Our body is in constant interaction with the microbial communities inhabiting not only our gastrointestinal tract but also our respiratory system, skin and the reproductive tissues. These diverse microbial communities outnumber our own cells by a 10 to 1 ratio and have been increasingly reported to play important roles in human health and diseases... Read more
mathilde Mathilde Poyet
I am an ecologist with a special interest in biological communities. During my PhD, I characterized the invasion processes of an insect (Drosophila suzukii) and its impact on the invaded communities at different levels of organization. Now, I keep on studying community and ecosystem stability... Read more

Fuqing Wu
anniz An-Ni Zhang
Over the last 4 years, I build a framework to mine new knowledge and potential applications by bioinformatics and big data analysis. I'm now developing the next stage of my career by applying my whole package to this brand new field of human microbiome. I'm building an integrated framework to combine genomes, meta-omics, and isolates... Read more

jay Jay Zhao
The sequencing revolution has immense promises for improving human health. In the Alm lab, I have the opportunity to apply cutting edge genomic technique to study the interplay of microbes and human diseases... Read more

Graduate Students

Haixin Sarah Bi
amy Amy Xiao
I am interested in developing methods to use wastewater surveillance data to track infectious diseases and infer their incidence/prevalence in a population. In particular, I have been working with Alm lab members and collaborators at Biobot Analytics to track COVID-19 in wastewater across the United States and model viral shedding.... Read more

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