Eli Papa

eliseo papa

Research Interest

My goal is to develop a set of tools capable of assessing the status and dynamics of the immune system, with particular attention to the gut mucosa.

I have previously developed a technique named 'Microengraving,' rooted in microfabrication and computational image analysis, capable of assessing the status of the immune system with single cell resolution. Currently, I am developing computational tools that use microbial sequencing data to assess the status and dynamics of the bacterial population in the gut and potentially formulate diagnoses and prognoses.


I grew up in Italy and studied at the University of Toronto as an undergraduate. I received a masters of engineering in Mechanical Engineering at MIT prior to beginning my work in the HST program. hiking moreno

Eliseo Papa



  • Ph.D, 2012, Harvard/MIT HST institute
  • S.M., 2008, MIT MechE
  • B.ASc, 2005, UofToronto, Eng Sci

working with my collaborator