Christopher H. Corzett


Research interests

I am interested in how microbes survive and thrive in diverse and dynamic environments. This includes understanding how bacteria sense and respond to environmental change, the metabolic machinery required for different feeding strategies, and how microbes adapt and evolve various lifestyles.

My research is aimed at understanding how bacteria feed on sugars found in seaweeds in hopes of developing alternative and renewable sources of energy. Marine macroalgae are not only vital players in coastal ecosystems and the global carbon cycle, but also offer a promising potential as a feedstock for biofuel production. If we can determine how bacteria digest various algal polysaccharides in natural environments we might be able to harness their enzymatic capabilities and engineer bacteria that efficiently convert seaweed into bioethanol.


Christopher H. Corzett

Postdoctoral Associate
Civil and Environmental Engineering
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  • Ph.D., Molecular Biology, University of Southern California, 2012.
  • B.S., General Biology, U.C. San Diego, 2005.