Le Thanh Tu Nguyen


Research Interests

Our body is in constant interaction with the microbial communities inhabiting not only our gastrointestinal tract but also our respiratory system, skin and the reproductive tissues. These diverse microbial communities outnumber our own cells by a 10 to 1 ratio and have been increasingly reported to play important roles in human health and diseases. I am interested in studying how our body and our immune system in particular respond to the environmental factors in orchestration with the microbiome. I am developing an analytics platform that will allow us to study the communication between the human body and its microbiomes across many different physiological samples.

Le Thanh Tu Nguyen

PhD candidate, Biological Engineering
lttnguye at mit dot edu


  • MA, Bioengineering, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne - EPFL. 2011
  • BA, Life Sciences and Technology, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - EPFL. 2009