Mathieu Groussin


Research interests

Broadly speaking, I am interested in the inference of biological properties of ancient prokaryotic life and in how bacterial and archaeal communities evolve. My main interests focus on the study of genetic data (DNA, proteins) to understand the main evolutionary processes shaping their characteristics over evolutionary time, as well as driving the evolution of organisms. Most of my previous and current research interests include:
  • Development of (non-homogeneous) substitution models
  • Molecular clock models and inference of species divergence times
  • Phylogenetic inference of early conditions of Life
  • Molecular adaptation to hot/cold environmental temperatures in Prokaryotes
  • Ancestral sequence reconstruction and protein resurrection
  • Ancestral genome reconstruction
  • Evolutionary genomics
  • Evolution and ecology of microbial communities
  • Gut microbiota and its impact on host biology

Current projects

My current research focuses on the evolution of gut microbiota in Vertebrates. My projects include: the development of evolutionary models aiming at capturing the evolutionary processes driving gut microbial composition over time; investigating the temporal dynamics of gut microbiota evolution; predicting diet from gut microbial composition; characterizing the intimate relationship between the host (immunity) and gut microbes after birth and during evolution.

Global Microbiome Conservancy

I am also one of the co-founders of The Global Microbiome Conservancy, a non-profit collaboration between scientists and communities around the world, unified around a common goal: to collect and preserve the full biodiversity of human gut microbes for future generations. Learn more on our website.


Mathieu Groussin

Postdoctoral Associate
mgroussi at mit dot edu