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Research Interests

I am an ecologist with a special interest in biological communities. During my PhD, I characterized the invasion processes of an insect (Drosophila suzukii) and its impact on the invaded communities at different levels of organization. Now, I keep on studying community and ecosystem stability with a particular focus on the bacterial communities (microbiota) living in and on animals.

Current projects

So far, the great majority of gut microbes have not been cultured in laboratory. My project aims at building comprehensive libraries of pure culture covering the breadth of bacterial strains contained within several human guts. Using recreated complex communities from my libraries, I will test different hypotheses on the structure, stability, resilience and resistance of gut communities.

Global Microbiome Conservancy

I am also one of the co-founders of The Global Microbiome Conservancy, a non-profit collaboration between scientists and communities around the world, unified around a common goal: to collect and preserve the full biodiversity of human gut microbes for future generations. Learn more on our website.

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Mathilde Poyet

Postdoctoral Associate
mpoyet at mit dot edu
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