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Section 8.7


Use apostrophes to form the possessive case of nouns and indefinite pronouns, and contractions. Optionally, apostrophes may also be used in the plurals of abbreviations and numbers.

Form the possessive of singular nouns and indefinite pronouns and of plural nouns that do not end in -s by adding -'s.

Einstein's theory

bacterium's [The plural is bacteria.]


children's [The singular is child.]

Also form the possessive of singular nouns that end in -s by adding -'s.

moss's composition

Yeats's letters

Form the possessive of plural animate nouns that end in -s by adding only the apostrophe after the -s:

supervisors' schedules

species' locations

Try to form the possessive of inanimate nouns by using the preposition of.

composition of microchips

position of the planets

Optionally, use the apostrophe to form the plurals of acronyms and numbers. Be consistent, however, throughout a document. Always use the apostrophe to form the plurals of lowercase letters.

R.E.M's or REM's or REMs

386's or 386s


Use the apostrophe to form standard contractions of certain words.

it + is = it's

we + will = we'll

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