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Electronic Sources

The format for documenting electronic sources of information is still being developed.

CD-ROMs and Other Portable Databases

Provide the author, data, and title information as you would for a print source. Identify the medium (such as CD-ROM, electronic tape, cartridge tape) in brackets after the title. At the end of the entry, include the location and name of the product.

Online Sources

Although the CBE Manual format for online sources does not include the full Internet address, adding such an address is both useful and consistent with the availability elements of other CBE formats. Include the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) address; give the date accessed in parentheses. Enclose the full URL path in angle brackets (< >) with no underlining or punctuation. (Do not end a URL with any punctuation mark, and begin it on a new line rather than breaking it between lines.)

Journals Published Only Online

1.  Harnack A, Kleppinger G. Beyond the MLA

    Handbook: documenting electronic sources

    on the Internet. Kairos [serial online]

    1996 June 15; 1(2). Available from the

    Alliance for Computers and Writing via

    the INTERNET;


    (Accessed 1996 Sep 14.)

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