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Technical Documentation

Technical documentation is system description aimed at the technical specialist who needs to understand the systems design in sufficient detail to be able to apply, repair, modify, enhance, or add on to the system. Technical documentation is addressed to technician or expert audiences in the same terms used by the original designer:

Original computer code

Wiring diagrams

Detailed system specifications

Detailed design drawings

Technical documentation normally includes a system overview, design drawings, including wiring diagrams, computer codes, component descriptions, and technical specifications.

The following is a short excerpt from a technical reference manual on the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML).

Special Characters

Minimum Attributes

The leading ampersand is required. The ampersand and semicolon delimit an entity name which the user agent will replace with a special character. The trailing semicolon is necessary when the character following the entity is not a space or end of line. It is never incorrect to include the trailing semicolon.

These main four special characters are specifically included in RFC 1866.

&lt; < (less than sign)
&gt; > (greater than sign)
&amp; & (The ampersand sign itself)
&quot; " (quote character)

--Sandia National Laboratories, HTML Reference Manual

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