Advanced Medical Devices for Sensing and Navigation

10th November 2021

Timing : 1 pm EST

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Microscale implantable and wearable devices can transform the field of medicine in the near future. This talk will focus on design and implementation of miniaturized minimally invasive devices for continuous monitoring and closed-loop therapeutic systems. In the first part of this talk, an MRI-inspired approach for precise localization and tracking of small tags, smart pills and sensors inside the body will be presented. The prototype devices called ATOMS (Addressable Transmitters Operated as Magnetic Spins) are designed to behave similar to real atoms in the body without the need for the strong magnetic field of MRI. We will also show how these devices can be used for 3D navigation during high-precision surgeries. In the second part of the talk, our research efforts focused on efficient neural interfaces will be discussed. We will show how co-design of hardware and machine learning algorithms can pave the way for robust and energy-efficient Brain-Machine Interfaces (BMI). In particular we will discuss our proposed Multi-State Dynamic Recurrent Neural Network (DRNN) decoder to address the challenges of performance, robustness, and hardware implementation.