NanoBio Seminar Series Fall'21

Timings : 1 pm ET

Please use this zoom link for joining the webinar series

Join us at the nanobio seminar series Fall'21 for an exciting journey through next generation nanoelectronics devices and beyond CMOS computing technologies and then fusing into intriguing applications of nanoelectronics and nanotechnology in bioengineering, specifically for understanding and probing the brain. Talks on disruptive nanoelectronics devices will include spintronics, neuromorphic computing, hardware for artificial intelligence and use of novel nanomaterials (such as graphene, transition metal dichalcogenides etc). Biological applications will take us through non-invasive brain-computer interfaces and novel brain recording and neuromodulation technologies

Fall'21 Seminar Schedule

Date Talk
September 8 Electric Field Control of Magnetism
Ramamoorthy Ramesh
September 15 Mixed Conduction in Polymeric Materials:Electrochemical devices from Biosensing to Neuromorphic Computing
Alberto Salleo
September 22 Straintronics: Manipulating nanomagnets with strain for causal intelligence
Supriyo Bandyopadhyay
September 29 Skin-Inspired Organic Electronics
Zhenan Bao
October 6 Neuromodulation of the Cerebellum Using Electrical and Ultrasonic Stimulation
Mesut Sahin
October 13 Atomic-layer-deposited atomically thin In2O3 channel for BEOL logic and memory applications
Peide Ye
October 29 Magneto-Electric Interactions in Ferromagnetic and Ferroelectric Core-Shell Nanofibers
Gopalan Srinivasan
November 3 GHz Ultrasonic Imaging with CMOS integrated Piezoelectric Transducers
Amit Lal
November 10 Advanced Medical Devices for Sensing and Navigation
Azita Emami
November 17 Ultraflexible and transparent thin-film and two-dimensional electronics for multi-scale neural interface applications
Justin Williams
November 24 Soft, implantable bioelectronic interfaces
Stephanie Lacour
December 8 Magnetic nanotechnology for cancer therapy and diagnostics
Russell Cowburn