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The Meeting is now VIRTUAL

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Due to the continuing prevalence of COVID-19, in addition to wanting to support members with unvaccinated children and in recognition of the fact that a substantial fraction of members from national laboratories would be unable to travel, DNP has made the difficult decision to go ahead with a virtual conference again for Fall 2021.

A wide range of nuclear physics topics will be covered at the DNP meeting, including:

  • Applications of nuclear physics
  • Fundamental symmetries and neutrinos
  • Hadron physics
  • Heavy-ion physics
  • Instrumentation
  • Nuclear astrophysics
  • Nuclear reactions and nuclear structure
  • Nuclear theory
  • Rare isotopes


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11 October 2021 - First day of the conference


Workshop Topics

  • Frontiers of Nuclear Science
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Nuclear Physics
  • Nuclear Science Applications
  • Quantum Technology for Nuclear Physics


Local Organizing Committee:

A. Danagoulian, J. Doyle, C.P. Grant, O. Hen (chair), D. Kawall, E. Luc, R. G. Milner, A.M. Rogers, P. Shanahan