Esplanade, Boston view

Mini Symposia


There are 12 Mini Symposia planned for the DNP meeting:

  • Advancements and Opportunities of Polarized Targets and Beams
  • Advances in EIC eA Science Using RHIC and the LHC
  • Astromers: Nuclear Isomers in Astrophysics
  • BSM Searches in Fundamental Symmetries
  • Hadron Production in Jets and Media
  • Neutrinos and Nuclei
  • Developments in Quantum Simulations for Nuclear Physics
  • Recent Results and Future Prospects for Hadron Spectroscopy
  • Short Range Correlations in Nuclei
  • The Energy Momentum Tensor of Hadrons
  • The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Relativistic Fluid Dynamics
  • The Next Generation Nuclear Workforce