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Educational Transformation through Technology at MIT
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We are forming educational alliances across distance, time, institutions and nations—alliances that will expand opportunity, learning and understanding. We celebrate this, for our students must be citizens of the world.
Charles Vest
SMA classroom: synchronous distance education

Our overall goal is to transform learning for a digital age. Our overall vision is openness—sharing resources, knowledge and tools. Our overall strategy is collaboration—and it has many facets.

  • We are collaborating with businesses such as Microsoft Corporation and Hewlett-Packard Laboratories to incubate, evaluate and promote the adoption of innovative faculty initiatives in educational technology.
  • We are collaborating with other universities literally worldwide both to create new teaching models and to share the information we have developed. We have specific initiatives with Cambridge University (CMI: the Cambridge-MIT Initiative) and two universities in Singapore (SMA: the Singapore-MIT Alliance); we also link with many others on the OpenCourseWare, DSpace, and iCampus movements.
  • We are asking our students to collaborate as an integral part of their learning—in the classroom, within a discipline and across the world.

The results, from on-line teaching modules in fluid mechanics to collaboration at a distance in aerospace design to cross-media Shakespearean archives, show the educational power of partnership. Two or more minds are indeed better than one.


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