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Educational Transformation through Technology at MIT
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Project Gallery

Project Gallery

This gallery includes a sample of MIT educational technology projects from 2001 - 2005.

Active Learning: Aeronautics and Astronautics

Invigorates engineering education by incorporating simulation, collaborative environments and an active classroom setting with supporting software, including the Conceive- Design-Implement-Operate (CDIO) curriculum.

Active Learning: Mechanical Engineering

Promotes active learning in core mechanical engineering courses through desktop experiments and Web-based learning modules. Transformed Mechanics and Materials I course 2.001 from a mass lecture to a scientific discovery model.

Active Learning: Civil and Environmental Engineering

Empowers students to actively develop complex engineering systems ranging from buildings and bridges to entire cities. Online modules combine text, schematic figures, photos and simulations in solid mechanics and structural design with interactive lectures.

CDIO (Conceive-Design- Implement-Operate)

Better prepares the next generation of engineers for real-world demands through hands-on classroom learning combined with textbook knowledge. MIT's Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics renovated a building designed to accommodate the four different stages.

Classroom Learning Partner

Engages students in a large lecture setting through a Tablet PC-based system that supports in-class exercises; students submit answers which are aggregated in real time to show the instructor which concepts require further clarification.


Revitalizes standard exercise equipment by connecting an exercise bike to a PC and monitor to measure the relative effects of certain motivational experiences (i.e. controlling the flight of a hot air balloon through pedaling).

d'Arbeloff Math Project

Includes a variety of highly interactive applets and executables that help students internalize concepts from calculus, ordinary differential equations, and linear algebra. Applications include lecture demonstrations, homework problems, and stand-alone web-based tutorials.

Devhood (Student Developer Community)

Expands students' knowledge of Microsoft technology through a .NET developer's community web site for college students worldwide. Students revamp some software user interfaces and add features, including college-specific themes.

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