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Energy Efficiency and Conservation Projects

To continuously reduce energy consumption on campus and meet the goals set by the Efficiency Forward agreements with Eversource, MIT employs a range of strategies, including:

Incorporate LEED building and sustainable design features in all new construction projects

  • Highly efficient chiller system technologies
  • HVAC system rightsizing and efficient technology choices
  • Efficient and proper lighting technologies
  • Lighting controls, occupancy sensors, day lighting sensors, etc.

Supplement capital renewal projects with efficiency measures

  • Identify and incorporate energy conservation measures (ECM) side-by-side with capital renewal to improve cost effectiveness

Undertake building retrofits

  • Identify ECM and opportunities for operational improvement
  • Optimize building automation systems to improve HVAC system efficiency
  • Upgrade mechanical systems, and/or equipment
  • Lighting relamping/reballasting or full fixture upgrade
  • Incorporate lighting controls
  • Data-based commissioning
  • Compressed air system enhancements
  • Variable frequency drives
  • Chilled water system optimization
  • Fume hood system air volume reductions
  • Demand-control HVAC systems
  • Whole building deep energy retrofits

Improve campus infrastructure efficiency

  • Repair and/or replace insulation campuswide around steam and chilled water pipes
  • Repair and/or replace failing steam traps campuswide

Implement behavior change measures

  • Reduced lighting use, e.g., “Lights Out” program
  • Personal computer power management feature deployment
  • Dorm/office/lab electricity competitions
  • Fume hood sash management
 Consortium for Energy Efficiency
 Energy Star for Buildings and Plants
 MIT Capital Projects
 MIT Office of Sustainability
 MIT Energy Initiative
 Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships
 MIT, NSTAR team up on energy-efficiency program (MIT News)
 MIT Efficiency Forward exceeds electricity reduction goal (MIT News)
 MIT and NSTAR celebrate energy efficiency success, extend ‘Efficiency Forward’ through 2015 (MIT news )
 Energy savings add up to success for Efficiency Forward (MITOS magazine)


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