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Stewards of the Campus


Emerging from COVID-19
Please note that as we emerge from the COVID-19 situation, Facilities staff are on campus and continue to provide services. For more information about campus activities during this time, see our COVID-19 updates and COVID-19 FAQ.

The MIT Department of Facilities creates, cares for, and powers MITís physical environment. As stewards of the campus, we build, maintain, and optimize its structures and grounds, implementing high-performance solutions to maximize campus sustainability. We also provide the utilities and services necessary to advance the educational and research activities of the Institute. The goal of our more than 800 employees is to provide a safe, well-functioning, and welcoming campus for the people who visit, study, work, and live within the MIT community.

Our teams are organized under five primary groups within the Department: Campus Construction, Campus Services & Maintenance, Facilities Engineering, Utilities, and Infrastructure Business Operations. These areas report to Joe Higgins, Vice President for Campus Services and Stewardship. Read more about the partner offices within Campus Services and Stewardship.

Campus Construction

Richard Amster, Director

Campus Construction manages the construction, renovation, and renewal of MITís buildings, addressing the needs of our faculty, students, and staff while also enhancing sustainability. In consultation with academic and administrative leadership, Campus Construction identifies goals and manages projects ranging from complete new buildings and major renewals of existing buildings to redesigns and renovations of labs, departments, and other complex spaces. The team oversees a capital renewal effort that will improve the physical campus for years to come.

Campus Services & Maintenance

Keith Diggans, Director

Campus Services & Maintenance provides 24/7 repair services and proactively undertakes preventive maintenance plans and sustainability programs designed to keep MITís systems and buildings operating longer and with greater efficiency. This group includes: Area Managers; Campus Services; Environment, Health & Safety; Off-site Facilities; Repair & Maintenance; and Repair & Maintenance Operations.

Facilities Engineering

Carlo Fanone, Director

Facilities Engineering helps MIT plan for sustainable building systems by offering design guidance and investment recommendations regarding electrical power, steam, water, and sewage. Services range from engineering an entire new complex to developing single-focus, single-site options. The team evaluates existing systems and advises the managers of renovation and expansion projects.


Janine Helwig, Director

Utilities is responsible for the efficient operation and management of all campus electricity, heating, and cooling resources, including underground distribution centers and electrical substations. The team manages MITís Central Utilities Plant, which uses a sustainable cogeneration process to produce the majority of the electricity, steam, and chilled water used on campus. Utilities also focuses on planning ahead for MITís future energy needs.

Infrastructure Business Operations (IBO)

Joe Higgins, Vice President for Campus Services and Stewardship

The teams in the Infrastructure Business Operations group create, coordinate, support, and enhance the processes and systems that enable the department to function efficiently and effectively. These teams include Applied Technology, Research, and Innovation; Communications and Customer Engagement; and Finance & Administration. The Parking & Transportation Office develops and manages commuter service programs for MITís 20,000+ faculty, students, and staff, and operates the shuttle programs across campus.


Call our Customer Service Center at 617-253-4948.

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Department Directory

Campus Construction

Richard Amster
Director, Campus Construction

Sue Crowley
Senior Administrative Assistant

Campus Services & Maintenance

Keith Diggans
Director, Campus Services & Maintenance

Paula Tierney
Senior Administrative Assistant

Facilities Engineering

Carlo Fanone
Director, Facilities Engineering

Kim Bigelow
Senior Administrative Assistant


Janine Helwig
Director, Utilities

Bernadette Drinkwater
Senior Administrative Assistant

Infrastructure Business Operations

Joe Higgins
Vice President for
Campus Services and Stewardship

Helen Balzano
Senior Administrative Assistant

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