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Vol. XIX No. 3
January 2007
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New Policy on Faculty Travel on MIT Business

Lorna J. Gibson

In response to requests from faculty, MIT has adopted a new policy designed to assist faculty with dependent care expenses associated with travel on MIT business:

"This policy provides for financial support to faculty for additional dependent care expenses associated with travel on MIT business, above those normally incurred by the faculty member while at MIT. Faculty are eligible to be reimbursed up to $1000 in direct expenses, plus 25% towards tax due on the expenses, per year in reasonable dependent care expenses. Such reimbursement will be additional compensation. Deans and Department Heads may, at their discretion, allow more than $1000 in appropriate dependent care expenses per year.

"Junior faculty should apply through their Schools. Senior faculty should use discretionary funds for dependent care expenses (plus 25% towards the tax due on the expenses) associated with travel on MIT business. Senior faculty without discretionary funds will be reimbursed by the Department, under the same conditions as the program for junior faculty."

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