MIT Faculty Newsletter  
contents Vol. XIX No. 3
January 2007

This issue of the Faculty Newsletter features Vice President for Research Claude Canizares on "Sixty-six Years of Sponsored Research," and our M.I.T. Numbers offering an historic view of MIT research expenditures.

walking in snow
MIT Profiles: Dana Mead
Chairman of the MIT Corporation Dana Mead is interviewed.
Is the Unity of the Faculty
Still Relevant?

Faculty Chair Steve Lerman argues that it is, and offers examples of it's working at its best.
Sixty-six Years of Sponsored Research
Claude R. Canizares
A few years ago, MIT’s total sponsored research volume first crossed the $1 billion mark. For FY2006, research expenditures on campus totaled $587.5 million . . .
Human Engineering and the Energy Crisis
MIT is at the epicenter of future energy technology research excellence. There is much vigor in our collective pursuit of technological solutions to our nation's . . .
From the Faculty Chair
Is the Unity of the Faculty Still Relevant?
Steven Lerman
One of the most important notions in MIT’s system of governance is the concept of the “unity of the faculty.” This idea is the foundation for why we expect each faculty . . .
Teaching this spring? You should know . . .
the faculty regulates examinations and assignments for all subjects.
MIT Profiles
Dana Mead
Dana G. Mead was named chairman of the Corporation of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in July 2003. He has been a Corporation member since 1996 . . .
New Policy on Faculty Travel on MIT Business
Lorna J. Gibson
In response to requests from faculty, MIT has adopted a new policy designed to assist faculty with dependent care expenses associated with travel on MIT business:
MIT Libraries Expands Historic Access to Electronic Journals
Anna Gold
In a November 2005 Library Services Survey of faculty and students, one of the top requests for future enhancements was to "expand the historic depth of our . . .
MIT Poetry
Eighteen years old, October eleventh
Joe Haldeman
Drunk for the first time in her life,
she tossed her head in a horsey laugh
New Tax Law Allows IRA Gift
Judith Sager
President Bush signed into law on August 17, 2006, an important provision of a new tax law that will have the greatest impact in providing tax incentives for new . . .
Newsletter Included in Institute Communication Survey
The MIT Faculty Newsletter will be one of the publications about which you will be queried in the online Communications Survey to be conducted in March.
Delighted with School of Architecture and Planning
Rich Lowe
Having just read the profile and heard from the Dean of the SA+P, I am delighted.
M.I.T. Numbers
MIT Operating Budget (FY2007)
M.I.T. Numbers
MIT Research Expenditures (FY1940-2006)