MIT Faculty Newsletter  
Vol. XIX No. 3
January 2007
Sixty-six Years of Sponsored Research
Human Engineering and the Energy Crisis
Is the Unity of the Faculty Still Relevant?
Teaching this spring? You should know . . .
Dana Mead
New Policy on Faculty Travel on MIT Business
MIT Libraries Expands Historic Access
to Electronic Journals
Eighteen years old, October eleventh
New Tax Law Allows IRA Gift
Newsletter Included in Institute Communication Survey
Delighted with School of Architecture
and Planning
MIT Operating Budget (FY2007)
MIT Research Expenditures (FY1940-2006)
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Teaching this spring? You should know . . .

the Faculty regulates examinations and assignments for all subjects.

Check the Web at for the complete regulations.
Questions: Contact Faculty Chair Steve Lerman at x3-4277 or

No required classes, examinations, exercises, or assignments of any kind may be scheduled after the last regularly scheduled class in a subject, except for final examinations scheduled through the Schedules Office.

First and Third Week of the Term
By the end of the first week of classes, you must provide a clear and complete description of:
•      required work, including the number and kinds of assignments;
•      an approximate schedule of tests and due dates for major projects;
•      whether or not there will be a final examination; and
•      grading criteria.

By the end of the third week, you must provide a precise schedule of tests and major assignments.

For all Undergraduate Subjects, Tests Outside Scheduled Class Times:
•    may begin no earlier than 7:30 p.m., when held in the evening;
•    may not be held on Monday evenings;
•    may not exceed two hours in length; and
•    must be scheduled through the Schedules Office.

Tests after Friday, May 11 must be scheduled in the Finals Period.

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