MIT Faculty Newsletter  
Vol. XX No. 2
November / December 2007
A Beacon Beyond Our Borders
M.I.T.'s Real Assets
A Call for Nominations
Disagreements and Community Building
Should MIT Increase the Size of the Faculty?
Avoiding a Rush to Judgement:
Implications of the Star Simpson Affair
The purpose of faculty meetings?
Not the Way to Treat Family
The MIT Energy Initiative: One Year Later
Faculty Renewal
Can't Stop Laughing
Making a Mountain Out of a Molehill: Understanding the U.S. News Rankings
Faculty Quality of Life
A White Paper on How MIT Should Think About Institutional International Exchanges
The MIT Office of Admissions:
Choosing the Best Candidates
and Handling Them With Care
A Meeting with Disaster: Planning for Emergencies and Extended Outages
The Pitfalls of Digital Rights Management
Student Global Experiences
(IROP and Survey Results)
Student Global Experiences
(MISTI Participation)
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Not the Way to Treat Family

MIT is a community and in many ways an extended family.  For our younger students in particular, we act in the absence of parents.  If my son had been arrested at Logan Airport under the same circumstances as Star Simpson, and the Boston Globe had called me up for a comment, I would not have characterized him as reckless, and neither should MIT have made any such comment regards Simpson.  The Boston Globe is not family.  Star Simpson is.

John Belcher
MacVicar Faculty Fellow
Class of 1922 Professor of Physics

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